LLA delivers a wide variety of personal development, change management, diversity and service planning training.

All of our training is:

  • interactive using small group exercises, role plays, case studies, quizzes, design exercises, presentations, etc
  • action and strategy focused, looking at how policy practice and procedure can be changed

Our associate consultants possess a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in staff development. LLA has designed and delivered training for: leisure staff, play workers, housing association staff, trade unionists, volunteers, disability campaigners/activists, reception staff, cleaning staff, social care agency staff, debt advice workers, teachers, youth workers, GPs, social care providers, event organisers, senior managers, policy developers, women’s refuge staff, library staff and local authority councillors.

LLA is about to launch a course designed specifically for those who are responsible for improving patient and public involvement in health and social care research.  This course will assist principal investigators and other research funding applicants to make focussed bids which demonstrate strong, coherent and effective PPI and equip participants with an understanding of how PPI principles are applied by funders and how these principles should be best reflected in research applications.

The course will be for researchers and those with any responsibility for managing and supporting PPI .

Some examples of the courses we have delivered recently include:


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