Since commencing their campaigning work within the Disable People’s Movement and other social movements, the senior partners of LLA have identified and created policies and other resources to assist non-charitable, not-for-profit, community organisations. Links to some of these are available from this page. These resources, all of which are copyright, are offered as a contribution to social movements for change and serve to demonstrate the breadth of LLA’s work and experience. If you acknowledge LLA and are a social movement for change and equality, feel free to use any of the below links in your work.

If you would like bespoke or customised policy, procedure or practice documents developed for your organisation, please contact LLA to discuss your requirements.

1 thought on “Resources

  1. nairvishnu

    The wide range of programmes that LLA offers has truly inspired me. This will be really helpful to develop the quality of Human Resource in an organization and thus will play a vital role in attaining the organizational goals efficiently.


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