About Linda Laurie Associates

LLA is a London-based group of Black and Disabled consultants with more than sixty years accumulated experience at a senior level in the UK not-for-profit and statutory sectors.

We can:

  • Organise consultation and engagement events designed to promote and maximise the meaningful and sustainable involvement of people who use services and carers
  • Provide advice, information and training on existing, new and forthcoming legislation.
  • Give advice on managing diversity and implementing Best Practice
  • Shape and carry-out primary and secondary research
  • Design and facilitate training
  • Write and design good practice guides
  • Assist with writing business plans and bids for your projects
  • Undertake community mapping
  • Complete sensitive and thorough Organisational Reviews
  • Provide HR support for disabled people using statutory or health service funding to employ support staff
  • Drawing up contracts, terms and conditions of employment, job descriptions and related documentation
  • Advising with grievance and disciplinary handling
  • Advising on dismissal, redundancy, etc
  • Transcribe into Braille materials supped to us electronically, with a very fast turnaround

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