Transcription Services


Whether you are a small, medium-sized or large organisation it is important to make sure that everyone can understand the information you produce. It is best practice, as well as being a legal requirement under the Equality Act 2010, to be able to produce internal documents for employees as well as externally distributed publications in a range of accessible formats to meet the particular needs of a diverse audience, which includes a range of Disabled People. LLA is fully equipped to help you do this. We can produce accessible documents as part of a wider assignment, such as in connection with research or training we are delivering for you. We can also transcribe documents that you are using in your own work into accessible formats.

Formats we produce include:

  • Audio
  • Daisy
  • Braille
  • BSL
  • Easy Read
  • E-docs for websites
  • Large Print

At prices from a penny a word.

Whether producing a newsletter, training DVD, equality scheme, public service leaflet, contract or consultation, we can deliver:

  • A One-Stop Shop for all formats
  • Products quality-checked by users
  • Corporate presentation including your house style
  • A fast turnaround of one document or thousands
  • Multi-format discounts
  • Accessible packaging

lll_image_of_publications lla_image_of_publications2

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